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When we created Hotel Pincoffs we had the desire to make it a sustainable hotel. We reused a monumental building. We took all kinds of measures and followed our hearts. We took care of your comfort and our green mission.
We cherish what the world has to offer. Our boutique hotel is driven by the heart. Hotel Pincoffs is therefore awarded with the Golden Green Key, the highest level of the international ecolabel.
Last year the hotel won the Gaia Green Award for Dutch sustainable hotels. 

We hope to welcome you soon in our small-scale boutique hotel in Rotterdam.

Edwin van der Meijde & Karen Hamerlynck
Founders of Hotel Pincoffs



Green should also be fun, is our statement. Green with a Smile is our motto. We are creative in everything we do. We try to cause as little damage to the earth as possible. We think circularly and want to reuse and possibly recycle as much as possible in the hotel. And the guest's comfort should never be in question.
Proof that going green is also fun can be found in many places in our hotel. And also outside on the quay next to the hotel or further away. We try to make sustainable entrepreneurship a party with creative and original discoveries. We hope to catch our guests smiling at least once during their stay.


  • Making the most important installations more sustainable in 2023 and 2024. Installing solar panels, solar hot water, energy-saving boilers, heat pumps for heating and cooling.
  • At the beginning of this year, we again planted trees on behalf of our guests with Hotels for Trees.
  • By joining the Made Blue Foundation, we as a hotel have become even more conscious about water. Made Blue wants to make clean drinking water accessible to everyone. As a hotel we can help with this. For every bottle of filtered and bottled water served (with or without fine bubbles), 10 times the contents are donated to countries where water is not a given. Made Blue takes care of this. Anyone who showers or bathes with us has the opportunity to gift 100 liters of clean water to a family for whom clean drinking water is a luxury. That costs the guest nothing. It is a gift paid by the hotel.


The hotel's most important installations have recently been made more sustainable. And that is a special achievement for a hotel that is located in a national monument. We can rightly call ourselves a leader when it comes to sustainable business operations.
Our hot water is made with solar power (used to be gas), we have energy-efficient boilers, our rooms are heated and cooled with heat pumps, our central heating system on the ground floor has become hybrid (electricity and a little gas in winter) and we already had good insulation and double glazing.


Various pieces of antiques were given a new second life, such as an old laboratory cupboard that was transformed into a guest book cupboard containing thousands of comments from guests about their stay in Pincoffs.
We had 28 historic doors from our building (these were not fireproof enough) converted into minibar cabinets, daybeds, desks, mirrors, etc.
One of our suites can even be called circular. The furniture and decorations in this suite were made by artists from recycled materials such as bicycle tires, sea charts, Delft blue porcelain... And there is much more to discover at Hotel Pincoffs. 

For example:

  • Our glassware is made by Rebottled from wine bottles,
  • Used coffee cups from the rooms and suites are recycled,
  • Even our waste gets new life. Our coffee grounds and orange peels are collected every week. This feeds Rotterzwam mushrooms and Dik & Schil distills gin and orange cello from the peels. The orangecello can also be purchased as a sustainable gift at the hotel.


The most of the food products we use in the hotel are organic, from very close by or produced by a company with a social mission.
For the latter, think of our traditionally made jam by Rotterdamsche Confituur or our cookies from the Koekfabriek. All our meats come from the organic butcher shop De Groene Weg, but we also serve many vegetarian and vegan meals. Consider the breads and rolls from bakery Carl Siegert and the sweets from Blumy Vegan Bakery and SUE.
The list is long and is updated monthly. Our house wines are organic, we also serve organic whisky and gin, our soft drinks and ice tea are organic, our vegetables, almost all breakfast products, all dairy products, vegetable juices, fruit juices, apples, coffee, tea and much more.
Even our popular bathroom products from Grown Alchemist are organically produced.


Growing green! We love it. Greening is very common for Hotel Pincoffs. The hotel has carried out various projects since its opening in 2008. Hundreds of trees were planted in Panama (watch the video making of Pincoffs Bos). We were also a proud sponsor of the Floating Forest in the Rijnhaven, an eco-art project in Rotterdam. That project has now been moved. It was part of the Floriade agricultural exhibition in Almere.
City garden on the quay
We created a city garden ourselves in 2017, in close collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam. Three new Dutch elms have been planted on the quay next to the hotel and a small vegetable and fruit garden has been created. The garden provides us with some of the ingredients for our kitchen and bar.
Hotels for Trees
The next step in our sustainability efforts was joining the Hotels for Trees foundation. Every time a guest of Hotel Pincoffs skips room cleaning during a multi-day stay, we have a tree planted by this foundation. This is done by the professionals of the Dutch company Trees for All. The goal is to plant one million trees per year across all hotels by 2025. Our team has already been out twice to plant trees on behalf of our hotel guests. Our guests have already planted more than 600 trees!


A gift of water
Through our collaboration with the Made Blue Foundation, we give many liters of water as a gift to families in countries where clean drinking water is not available daily. Made Blue invests in water projects in an enterprising and transparent manner. Ten times the amount of hotel water served is donated to Made Blue. Every hotel guest can donate water to a good cause via a QR code from Made Blue. A Gift of Water is free for the guest. 

Playing for Success
Playing for Success teaches children to work on self-confidence, cooperation, motivation and independence. This allows them to develop better at school and beyond. We support this foundation that gives children the opportunity to learn in a special environment outside of school. Active and meaningful education with lots of individual guidance, role models and success experiences.

Hockey club Feijenoord
Based on our belief that everyone should be able to play sports, we have become a sponsor of hockey club Feijenoord. Our contribution is used to enable children who face more headwinds in their youth to participate in sports. For example, by sponsoring clothing or making membership possible for families who cannot easily afford to do so.

Guided Tours for kids
Hotel Pincoffs is involved in a few small-scale social projects that we sponsor. We support Rotterdamsch Geluid, which brings Rotterdam to the attention of school-going youth and the over-70s in a special way. This is done through guided tours for the young and virtual tours for the elderly. The reactions to this are very positive.


The things we do for creating a better place:

  • We are Green Key Gold certified (2023-2024), Ecoleader at TripAdvisor and winner of the Gaia Green Award for Hotels
  • Creating a greener Rotterdam trough small green initiatives. We have made a small urban garden on the quay next to the hotel
  • Our motto is Green with a Smile. Corporate social responsibility is useful and fun. Where possible, we try to share with our guests how we can do better together for our living environment
  • We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact and increase the sustainable character of our company. By actively striving to reduce waste flows and our consumption of gas, water, electricity and fossil fuels
  • We continuously work on improving our own purchasing process and focus in particular on goods and services that are sustainable, preferably provided with a recognized environmental and / or sustainability and / or social quality mark
  • We serve organic meat products
  • We serve organic milk products, eggs and bread
  • Tea (Mr. Jones) and coffee (Giraffe from Rotterdam) are organic + SKAL certified
  • Organic cane sugar and organic coffee creamer or soy milk (also for the lattes and cappuccinos)
  • Participation in the Hotels for Trees Foundation. Every time when a guest of Hotel Pincoffs skips the room cleaning during a stay of several days, we have this foundation plant a tree. This is done by the professionals of the Dutch company Trees for All. The goal is to plant one million trees per year in all hotels by 2025.
  • Participation in Dopper Wave, a program against the use of plastic bottles. Our hotel has been free of plastic bottles and bottles since 2020
  • By joining the Made Blue Foundation, we as a hotel have become more aware of our use of water. Made Blue strives for clean drinking water for everyone in the world. For every filled bottle of hotel water, we donate drinking water to countries where water is not self-evident. Anyone who showers or bathes with us is given the opportunity to donate 100 liters of clean drinking water to a family for whom water is a luxury. A gift of water
  • Use of The Good Roll. These are toilet paper rolls that are sustainably produced and support the construction of toilets in countries where toilets are not a given. This program is run by Simawi
  • Our bathroom products are organic: Grown Alchemist
  • Sweet spreads are organic, Fair Trade or locally produced as much as possible (Rotterdamsche Confiture)
  • We have our own sustainable table water for the brasserie, meeting rooms and hotel rooms, which means we have far fewer bottled mineral water transported
  • Organic house wine and whiskey
  • Organic soft drinks and juices
  • Sustainable meetings in our rooms. We donate a tree for every meeting in the hotel
  • We have planted two thousand of trees in Panama to compensate a part of our CO2 emission between 2010-2016 (The Pincoffs Forest)
  • We were a proud sponsor of the Floating Forest in Rotterdam Rijnhaven, at walking distance from the hotel (2017-2021). At this moment the Floating Forrest is a part of the Floriade exhibition in Almere
  • Our furniture is largely circular. It consists partly of recycled materials and antiques with a second life
  • We have sustainable duvet covers (organic cotton and Fair Trade quality mark)
  • 100% Dutch solar and wind energy (electricity)
  • We use heat pumps for warming and cooling the rooms
  • Our water is heated by sun power
  • All rooms can be individually heated and cooled
  • 100% 'Green' gas (forest compensated by energy supplier)
  • Energy-saving lighting (LED)
  • Energy-saving glass in monumental building
  • Water savings according to Green Key standards
  • Sustainable printing
  • Responsible use of paper (quality mark and active reuse of paper)
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Anti-allergic and environmentally friendly carpet, awarded with a certificate from the EU Environmental Audit.
  • Extensive waste separation into 10 fractions
  • Our orange peels are reused to make orangello
  • Our coffee grounds are reused as a breeding ground to grow mushrooms
  • The staff is involved in our way of doing business and propagates the idea of Green with a Smile with verve
  • We actively keep ourselves informed of CSR developments within our profession and make an active contribution to the transfer of our knowledge about this to employees and others who want to learn the trade.
  • We inform our guests, employees and suppliers about how we do corporate social responsibility
    We make transparent agreements with third parties about the quality of our product and how we monitor the quality
  • We maintain the building using sustainable materials
  • We keep a careful record of all our consumption
  • In addition to the financial impact, we also determine the social and environmental impact of our product and limit any negative impact as much as possible
  • We contribute to social goals through donations, sponsorships and volunteer work
    We are active in training secondary school students in the field of hospitality and corporate social responsibility
  • We are a sponsor of Rotterdamsch Geluid, which informs students about their own living environment in Rotterdam
  • Our working method is checked every other year and certified by Green Key.

Green with a Smile

Team Pincoffs