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The Pincoffs Story

The Story of The Pincoffs Hotel...


In 2002 ex-journalists Karen Hamerlynck and Edwin van der Meijde first set foot in the former customs office building on Stieltjesstraat.
The couple had been dreaming of running a small luxury hotel in a historic building on the water. It took six more years before the doors of their Suite hotel Pincoffs were officially opened. Assisted by stylist Mirjam van der Rijst and many advisers, much personal care was taken in order to create a warm and romantic place.
The hotel, located in a national monument dating from 1879, has a fascinating mixture of the old and the new, of the modern and the classical. Authentic details and antiques alternate with design and contemporary furniture. The view of the docks, of the river and of the famous Rotterdam bridges is overwhelming and makes the hotel a unique place to stay.

Karen Hamerlynck, born in Gent, in 1992 graduated in psychology in Amsterdam. She eventually chose for a career in journalism and worked for 13 years for the national daily newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. She worked for a number of desks such as the sports desk, the arts desk, the weekend desk and the foreign desk. Together with Hugo Borst and Robert van Brandwijk she wrote a chronicle on her beloved Rotterdam. If anything’s going to come between Karen and her night’s sleep, it’s the sound of seagulls.
At the Algemeen Dagblad’s editorial desk she met her husband Edwin van der Meijde.

Edwin, proud to be born in Rotterdam, worked for the sports desk (writer and editor-in-chief), the domestic news desk (assistant editor-in-chief), the visual desk (assistant editor-in-chief) and the central desk (editor-in-chief). For a time, as a member of the three-man central desk, he compiled the front page of the Algemeen Dagblad. He worked for the newspaper for 19 years.
Edwin and Karen are the proud parents of Fay, Coco and Lotte, who were born on one beautiful day in June 2004.


Who was Lodewijk Pincoffs?
Born in Rotterdam June 7th 1827
Died in New York on September 28th 1911

‘A spectacle of so much glory and so much shame - 1827-1911’, is written on his statue in the Entrepothaven, just 50 meters from the hotel. He was a businessman, a shipper and politican in one human. He also was a personal adviser of the mayor of the city. He is a member of the 'Great persons from Rotterdam' and should be rewarded for his idea to change Rotterdam into a worldharbour. But he was a crook as well. His fraude was the biggest ever seen in the 19th century. To escape a long prison sentence, he had to flee with his family in the dead of night.