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Free WiFi, coffee, tea & table water in every room

Sustainable hotel

When creating The Pincoffs Hotel we wanted to make a sustainable hotel. Our boutique hotel is driven by the heart. We cherish what the world has to offer. We took care of your comfort and our green mission.
Therefore The Pincoffs Hotel is awarded with the Golden Green Key, the highest level of the international ecolabel and with the Gold ECO Leader badge of Tripadvisor, the worlds leading traveladvisor.

  • We have created a small urban garden on the quay next to the hotel
  • We have planted thousand of trees in Panama to compensate a part of our CO2 emission (2010-2016)
  • We are connected with the Hotels for Trees Foundation 
  • We were a proud sponsor of the Floating Forest in Rotterdam Rijnhaven, at walking distance from the hotel (2017-2021)
  • Creating a greener Rotterdam trough small green initiatives
  • We support green and innovative businesses by cooperating with them

 The things we do for a better environment:

• We are Green Key Gold certified and Ecoleader at TripAdvisor
• Our motto is Green with a Smile. Corporate social responsibility is useful and fun. Where possible, we try to share with our guests how we can do better together for our living environment
• We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact and increase the sustainable character of our company. By actively striving to reduce waste flows and our consumption of gas, water, electricity and fossil fuels
• We continuously work on improving our own purchasing process and focus in particular on goods and services that are sustainable, preferably provided with a recognized environmental and / or sustainability and / or social quality mark
• We serve organic meat products
• We serve organic milk products, eggs and bread
• Tea (Mr. Jones) and coffee (Giraffe from Rotterdam) are organic + SKAL certified
• Organic cane sugar and organic coffee creamer or soy milk (also for the lattes and cappuccinos)
• Participation in the Hotels for Trees Foundation. Every time when a guest of Hotel Pincoffs skips the room cleaning during a stay of several days, we have this foundation plant a tree. This is done by the professionals of the Dutch company Trees for All. The goal is to plant one million trees per year in all hotels by 2025.
• Participation in Dopper Wave, a program against the use of plastic bottles. Our hotel has been free of plastic bottles and bottles since 2020.
• Participation in the Clean the World program, in which soap and bathroom products are collected for reuse. This is used to make new soap for countries and places where hygiene is still inadequate.
• Use of The Good Roll. These are toilet paper rolls that are sustainably produced and support the construction of toilets in countries where toilets are not a given. This program is run by Simawi.
• Our bathroom products are organic (Grown Alchemist)
• We use soap made by Kusala. This soap is made circular with help of our waste (coffee and orange peel)
• Sweet spreads are organic, Fair Trade or locally produced as much as possible (Rotterdam Confiture)
• We have our own sustainable table water for the brasserie, meeting rooms and hotel rooms, which means we have far fewer bottled mineral water transported

• Organic house wine and whiskey
• Organic soft drinks and juices
• Sustainable meetings in our rooms
• We planted approximately 2000 trees in our 'Pincoffs Forest' in Panama
• Greening of quays in Rotterdam: trees and vegetable garden on our quay
• Sponsor Bobbing Forest in the Rijnhaven, Rotterdam
• Our furniture is largely circular. It consists partly of recycled materials and antiques with a second life.
• We have sustainable duvet covers (organic cotton and Fair Trade quality mark)
• 100% Green power (electricity)
• 100% 'Green' gas (forest compensated by energy supplier)
• Energy-saving lighting (LED)
• All rooms can be individually heated and cooled
• Energy-saving glass in monumental building
• Water savings according to Green Key standards
• Sustainable printing
• Responsible use of paper (quality mark and active reuse of paper)
• Environmentally friendly cleaning products
• Anti-allergic and environmentally friendly carpet, awarded with a certificate from the EU Environmental Audit.
• Extensive waste separation into 10 fractions
• The staff is involved in our way of doing business and propagates the idea of Green with a Smile with verve
• We actively keep ourselves informed of CSR developments within our profession and make an active contribution to the transfer of our knowledge about this to employees and others who want to learn the trade.
• We inform our guests, employees and suppliers about how we do corporate social responsibility
• We make transparent agreements with third parties about the quality of our product and how we monitor the quality
• We maintain the building using sustainable materials
• We keep a careful record of all our consumption
• In addition to the financial impact, we also determine the social and environmental impact of our product and limit any negative impact as much as possible
• We contribute to social goals through donations, sponsorships and volunteer work
• We are active in training secondary school students in the field of hospitality and corporate social responsibility
• We are a sponsor of Rotterdamsch Geluid, which informs students about their own living environment in Rotterdam
• Our working method is checked annually and certified by Green Key every other year

Green with a Smile - Hotel Pincoffs

Edwin van der Meijde & Karen Hamerlynck