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Private Tour Guide

Your own way to get to know Rotterdam
Price: on request (2 or more)
Overnight stay, breakfast & private Rotterdam tourĀ 

Get to know Rotterdam and its special inhabitants by means of your own city guide. Armed with a sunny mood and a healthy dose of humor, Eveline van Wanrooij shows you the fascinating port city.

Whether you are interested in the South bank, the North bank or in the stories of both riverbanks, city guide Van Wanrooij always knows how to touch her audience.

Discovery tour
During the voyage of discovery you will hear stories about architecture, about sailors and girls, about emigrants and the port, about football and about becoming hip.
You can choose a route along the famous Rotterdam icons or a tour along lesser-known gems such as an undiscovered medieval harbour. Rotterdam has it all.
City guide Eveline van Wanrooij makes the tour according to the wishes of the group.

Hospitality award
In 2017 Eveline van Wanrooij won the Tinnen Pineapple for 'Most hospitable Rotterdammer'. She enthusiastically shows why Rotterdammers are so proud of their own city.

Walking, cycling and boating
You walk, cycle or sail along all the beauty while enjoying visual stories and anecdotes. The well-known and sometimes bawdy nicknames are also part of the real story of Rotterdam. The guide will take you inside a number of special buildings and reveal the secrets.

Personal wishes
Eveline van Wanrooij will be happy to contact you personally to discuss your wishes and to complete your visit to Rotterdam.
The tour can be told in English.

Book your Private Tour Guide by phone or mail at Hotel Pincoffs.

Team Pincoffs
P: +31 10 29 74 500