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Aloha Bar

From 349 euros for 2 persons, all-in shared dining including drinks and transport.

A particularly sustainable and relaxing special. An informal atmosphere is central to Aloha and Pincoffs. Both businesses are located in iconic buildings that have been given a new purpose. It is particularly nice that a return ticket by water taxi is included in this package.

Aloha Bar
Aloha Bar is known for its low waste kitchen. The bar serves seasonal dishes and drinks, preferably made by locals. At Aloha, both in the bar and in the kitchen, it's all about maximum creativity, working radically differently and making as little waste as possible.

Products with a soul
Fig leaf ice cream, home-made rhubarb lemonade, coffee bean fruit iced tea, pumpkin seed miso, home-brewed beer, oyster mushroom 'bitterballs' grown on coffee grounds, natural wines, mayonnaise from leftover espresso shots or baked peanuts with citrus leaves from the restaurant.

Hotel Pincoffs
Hotel Pincoffs was awarded a Green Key certificate of the highest level in 2010 for the first time. Last year the hotel won the Gaia Green Award for its sustainable policy. Hotel Pincoffs strings together more than 50 sustainable initiatives into a beautiful emerald necklace.

The package for 2 persons with dinner, overnight stay, breakfast and all kinds of extras is € 349.00 and includes:

  • Overnight stay in a pleasantly styled luxury or loft room
  • Getting to Aloha by Water Taxi
  • Hot and cold snacks
  • 3 shared dining dishes
  • 2 desserts
  • Unlimited still or sparkling water
  • A bottle of Dutch wine
  • 2 espresso martini cocktails
  • Transport back by water taxi to Hotel Pincoffs
  • 2 x organic breakfast with live cooking in our Living
  • Complimentary espresso coffee and organic tea from Mr. Jones in the room
  • Free bottle of O-Original table water in the room
  • Sustainable bathroom products from Grown Alchemist
  • Check-in from 15:00. Baggage can be dropped off earlier.

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