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Business Breaks Pincoffs

Best meetings and best Business Breaks in the City

How important your meeting will be, we think you have to relax as well. How? Small breaks and breakout rooms will do, but why wouldn't you choose for a unforgettable experience? We are situated in one of the oldest harbours of Rotterdam. We have all kinds of boats you can hire for fun: slow, fast, faster! And if you don't like the river we can offer you some nice escapes over land.

Our suggestions:

Seway Tour Rotterdam: 
75 minuts, incl. 15 minuten instruction.
With guide.
From 47,50 per person.

Boat hire
Departure from Binnenhaven (next door Pincoffs)
Use the luxery boats which transport the Olympic athlets in Londen.
Max: 8 persons per boat
Rate per boat: 200 euro.
Bail: 300 euro

Rib Experience (powerboats)
Departure just in front of the hotel. 
45 minuts, vanaf 50 euro per person, incl. insurance.
60 minuts, vanaf 60 euro per person, incl. insurance.
90 minuts, vanaf 85 euro per person, incl. insurance.
- Minimum of 8 persons. 

Discover Rotterdam by Hop-on Hop-off bus
Discover Rotterdam by Hop-on Hop-off bus. We can make it very personal. Please test us.
75 minuten. 17,50 per person. Max 40 persons

Escape Experience Rotterdam
Do you have a group of thrillseekers? Try Escaping Rotterdam. Battle against the clock and not very easy to eascape from your location. Perfect for teambuilding.
Time: 60 minuts (+ 20 minuts pre-arrival).
Max 16 persons / 8 persons per room.

Splash Tour
Take your tour over land and water with our yellow amfi-bus.
Rates from 26,50 euro per person.

Please call Team Pincoffs to make you an offer you can't resist.

Team Pincoffs
T: 010-29.74.500
E: info@hotelpincoffs.nl

Photos: Zwarte Zwaan Events, City Marina Rotterdam, RibVarenRotterdam